Why Jewellery?

Why do women prefer Jewellery to Men?

This question is a dilemma just like- What came first? The Chicken or the Egg? Well women are “unique” (complicated) creatures! (Ladies I mean no offense, but I feel it is true).

I’m not saying that men are perfect, it’s just that we are a little less “Unique”. And there will be one too many to call me chauvinist or a sexist, but I’M NEITHER of those! As a matter of fact I’m a Womanist. I respect women a lot, sometimes way too much. But we all live in the 21st century and a little humour is acceptable.

Men and Women are alike and different in many ways! They may react to the same situation with an extremely different reaction. They may use the same phrase in extremely divergent ways. Which reminds me of an unofficial terribly tiny tale penned down by me; “After she waded her way through the hardships she had, she said with a sigh “What a relief!” He said the same thing after he came out of the washroom!” “Holy Shit” (No Pun intended)

Men may be extremely lazy, extremely annoying, and gross at times… Okay most of the times. But as they say “Men will be men.”

On the contrary, one of my dear friend tweets “It’s simple… Women are crazy, Men are stupid. And the main reason Women are crazy is that Men are stupid.” Which is so true! Men act stupid and that drives the women crazy. And as Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie Confessions of a Shopoholic states, “If a man doesn’t fit, you can’t exchange him 7 days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater.” So it is these crazy women that are driven to Shop!

Agitated and trying hard to flee from those Lazy, sometimes gross, less “Unique” men, they find peace in buying Jewellery. Why Jewellery? Cause it fits perfectly, never runs out of size, never runs out fashion and it so Shiny! Flattered by the intricacy and design of the jewellery, women often gasp

“If only men were as gleaming as the ring on our finger”

“If only men were as charming as the bracelet wrapped around our hands”

“If only men were as adjusting as the necklace around our neck”

“If only men were as firm as the earring pierced in our ears”

Well we men might not be as gleaming or as adjusting as your jewellery. But we are adorable in our own ways. We drive you crazy but we make it up to you by buying you jewellery.

In today’s competitive world, we often find women financially independent & head-strong about their motives. And it is this independence that makes you’ll stand out. And they say independent, women pay their own bills and buy their own Jewellery!

Source: Why Jewellery?


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