How To Choose Jewellery For You Face Shape And Skin Tone

In this article, we are going to provide some tips that will help you choose the perfect jewellery that goes with your face shape and skin tone.
We’ll cover how to assess your skin tone and how to measure your face properly before getting into what jewellery will enhance each feature.
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On with the article then… First thing’s first, you want to…

Determine your skin tone.


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“There are two reliable ways to determine what skin tone you have. The first is to look at the colour of your veins. The second is to carefully look at your skin colour and consider its behaviour.

  • You have a cool skin tone if your veins are blue. Your hair is probably blonde, dark brown, or black. Your eyes are most likely light blue or brown. You also fit into this category if you burn easily or if your skin is a pale shade or shows signs of redness.
  • You have a warm skin tone if your veins are greener. Your hair is probably red or light blonde. Your eyes are most likely bright blue, green, or hazel. You can also tell you have a warm tone if you tan easily or your skin is ebony or espresso coloured.
  • You have a neutral skin tone if your skin has no obvious espresso, olive, or redness in colour. Neutral skin tones tend to fit in with the cool skin tone category.


Match your skin tone with the right jewellery.

Now that you know what your skin tone is, you can match your tone to the right gemstone and jewellery metal colours for a perfect personal collection that will look best on you.


  • Cool skin tone looks best with red, purple, and blue gemstones. Red stones include the ruby, garnet, and tourmaline. Purple stones include the amethyst, fluorite, and sapphire. Blue stones include the blue sapphire, topaz, and aquamarine.
  • Cool skin tone also matches best with white metals. Examples of this would be silver or white gold.
  • Warm skin tone looks best with yellow, orange, and green. Yellow/gold stones include the yellow sapphire, citrine, and zircon. Orange stones include the spessartite garnet, imperial topaz, and moonstone. Green stones include the emerald, jade, and peridot.
  • Warm skin tone also matches best with yellow metals. Examples of this would be yellow gold or copper.
  • Diamonds look good with any skin tone.

So how to figure out what shape of face you have…

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Take measurements of your face.

These measurements are going to tell you what shape of face you have so you can match your face to the best jewellery that complements that shape. You will need a flexible tape measure and something to pull back your hair (like hair clips or a hair tie). It helps to look in a mirror while you are taking measurements.

  • Tie back your hair so that it is out of your face. If you are using clips you can clip your hair to the back or top of your head.
  • Measure your hairline (in inches or centimetres). With your tape measure, place one end at your left front temple (just below the hairline), and the other end at your right temple. Write down that number.
  • Measure your cheekbones (in inches or centimetres). With your tape measure, place one end at the top of your left cheekbone (just above the apple of your cheek), and the other end at the top of your right cheekbone. Write down that number.
  • Measure your jawline (in inches or centimetres). With your tape measure, place one end at the left edge of your jawline (just below your earlobe), and the other edge of your right jawline. Write down that number.
  • Measure the vertical length of your face (in inches or centimetres). With your tape measure, place one end at the bottom of your chin (at the very tip), and the other end at the very top of your forehead (right at your hairline or widows peak). Write down that number.


Determine the shape of your face.

Now you can use the numbers from your measurements to figure out which shape best matches your face. Stand in front of a mirror, read the shape descriptions, and choose the one that best matches your shape and measurements.


  • Round faces are close to a perfect circle. The face is symmetrical across all quadrants; it is not longer than it is wider, nor wider than it is longer. A celebrity example of someone with a round face is Penelope Cruz.

  • Oval faces are one and a half times longer than they are wide. They are closer to a vertical circle. A celebrity example of someone with an oval face is Beyoncé Knowles.

  • Square faces show their shape in the jawline. People with square faces have the same width jawline and hairline.  A celebrity example of someone with a square face is Angelina Jolie.

  • Heart shaped faces are widest at the cheekbone and have a narrow forehead and jawline. A celebrity example of someone with a heart-shaped face is Jennifer Garner.

  • Diamond shaped faces have a narrow chin with a wider forehead and temples. A celebrity example of someone with a diamond-shaped face is Halle Berry.

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So, now you know what skin tone you are and what type of face shape you have, let’s talk about what styles of jewellery will enhance your look…

How to choose jewellery that flatters your face


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Earrings: Hoops, chandeliers, tear drops and other soft-curve designs are the best bet for an oval face. Even angular designs are great as it can offset the roundness of an oval face. The only style you need to avoid is long shoulder-grazing earrings, since they tend to lengthen the shape of your face.
Necklaces: People with an oval face can wear almost any shape or style of necklace, provided the design is in proportion to the individual’s size. Just remember that the necklace should complement the neckline.
Accessorising a round face is all about creating an illusion of length.
Earrings: Women with this face shape should opt for styles that are long and vertical, like danglers, drops or narrow chandeliers. Also, designs with strong vertical lines such as rectangles and trapezoids that counter the roundness of the face are recommended.
Necklaces: Longer, looping necklaces that visually lengthens the face are ideal choices for a round face. Necklaces with large pendants or other focal components that create a ‘V’ and longer lines are flattering too. Avoid necklace styles like chokers, collar and princess lengths.


Accessorising a square face is all about softening the jawline.
Earrings: Large oval hoops, long drops and narrow chandelier earrings are ideal for a square face. A square face needs jewellery that adds length and camouflages the width, hence, women with square faces should avoid wearing studs and wide chandelier-style earrings.
Necklaces: Square faces need necklaces with length and curves to soften the strong jawline. Princess, matinee, opera and rope length neck pieces are ideal. It’s best if you choose pendants or other focal components with curves and swirls to counter the strong angular elements of the jaw.


Accessorising an oblong face is all about camouflaging the length of the face.
Earrings: An oblong face is ideal for sporting large, bold styles of stud earrings and wide chandeliers. This face needs jewellery that can create an illusion of width and camouflage its length.
Necklaces: Short necklaces can reduce the appearance of length of an oblong face. Choker, collar and princess lengths are ideal, especially, if one has a long neck as well. Circular neckwires and necklaces are good too.

Accessorising a heart-shaped face is all about creating an appearance of a narrower forehead and widening the jawline.
Earrings: This face shape needs width at chin level, so go for horizontal lines of hoops, teardrops, curves, triangles and other dangling, space-filling designs.
Necklaces: Choker, collar and princess lengths are ideal (specially for women with long neck). Multi-strand chokers, circular neckwires and short bib-style necklaces are also advisable.


Accessorising a triangle face is all about creating an appearance of a wider forehead and diverting the attention from the jawline.
Earrings: The styles and designs that are most apt for this face shape are the heart-shaped ones with the narrowest part of the design at the jawline. The width should be at the level of the cheekbones, Also, ear-cuffs and other styles that curve up the ears are advisable as they create the illusion of width. One can also pair up small studs with a few narrow dangles to create more length.
Necklace: Princess and matinee length neck-pieces are ideal as they create a gentle curve under the jawline and lengthens the look of the face. Choose pendants or focal components with curves and swirls to counter the angularity of the jawline.


Accessorising a diamond face is all about accentuating the cheekbones.
Earrings: Avoid styles that are overly long, since the extra length doesn’t work well for this face type. To add width to the pointed jaw, wear dangling earrings with teardrops or triangle drops. You can also wear hoops to soften the angularity or echo the dramatic and angular lines of your face with triangular designs.
Necklaces: People with a diamond-shaped face can downplay the angles of the face with soft curve designs like the collar or princess neck-pieces.

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How To Choose Jewellery That Enhances Your Appearance



Here’s some tips on selecting jewellery that will complement your particular features and shape:
If you are very short and want to give the perception that you are taller than you want to choose necklaces that are longer. Necklaces that are V-shaped or Y-shaped lariat’s can elongate your appearance.
But what about those of you who are tall and want attention away from your height? If this is you, then you want to choose necklaces that are short either 16 or 18 inches that rest on her collarbone. Choker necklaces can also work to make you look shorter.
When choosing necklaces you also want to think about the volume or chunkiness of the necklace. A full figured gal will want a necklace that has a little bit of volume – perhaps large chunky stones or a thick link. If you are petite, however, larger jewellery may not look right on you and you may want to choose something more delicate.
A petite person may not look so good in large size jewellery.


Bracelets and Rings
A lot of times when you talk or when you’re just sitting around your hands are up near your face so you want to choose your bracelets and rings so that the compliment your face as well as your hands.
Also, you want to consider your signs and whether you are large boned or small boned when choosing bracelets. If you are petite then large chunky bracelets might look awkward on you so delicate thin bracelets might be the way to go. On the other hand if you’re large boned or even medium-sized you might look best with a wide bracelet or a stack of bracelets.
When choosing rings, you want to think about the shape of your finger’s.  You want to make sure your ring does not go over the knuckle as this rarely looks good on any hand.
Choose smaller delicate rings if you do not want to emphasise the shortness of your fingers. Rings with an oval setting tend to look best. If you have long fingers then round settings and wide band’s will probably look best on you.

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